¬† ¬† Jonathan Ramirez Garcia was born in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. He migrated to United States of America at the age of 11, where he absorbed the culture of Gospel, Hip Hop, and various other genres such as R&B from the Motown era. However, he was not involved deeply in music until he met Yvonne Sanchez in Southern California.¬† It was fate which united the two and started working on Yvonne Sanchez second Album entitled “My Garden” (Warner Music – 2008) Jonathan became an executive producer and songwriter, lyricist and recording artist in this gold selling album. After some consideration Jonathan decided to found his own band. He decided to call it SKEPTEMISTIC, (half Skeptic and half Optimistic). And that is how the birth of SKEPTEMISTIC¬† came to be. Jonathan is the songwriter of this project and are already establishing themselves in the music scene playing in clubs, and festivals in Czech Republic, Turkey, and Poland. The music which Jonathan composes are those from the genres which inspire him ranging from Jazz, Neo-Soul, Hip Hop, R&B and Rock.

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